About Us

Seamax Freight International

Seamax Freight International is an international logistics company with headquarters in Cerritos, CA. At Seamax Freight, we understand how valuable your cargo is. The time it takes to source your product, place your purchase order, wait for production and finally shipping your shipment to deliver to your customers are all part of the supply chain.


As a service-based company

As a service-based company, we have strong partnerships with carriers of ships, airplanes and trucks that we use every day. This gives us flexibility to effectively find the best route and pricing options to move your product optimally. Through our experienced management team, dedicated staff members and long term customers like yourself, Seamax boasts a network capacity of over 150 agents for coverage over 6 different continents.

We listen to your needs

Seamax Freight International offers ocean freight, air freight, ground transportation, customs & compliance and cargo insurance services. We listen to your needs and deliver customized solutions to move your products safely and on time.